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Sky Banners Chicago – The World Is Your Oyster!

Have you seen sky banners flying around the city of Chicago or anywhere around the Unites States and have wondered what do sky banners Chicago offer that traditional advertising strategies like billboard or pole signage do not?

While billboards or pole signage will only target the casual foot traffic or occasional cars that drive through that area, sky banners Chicago offers a lot more:

  1. It promotes your brand to masses (hundreds to thousands) at once
  2. Advertises / promotes your product in a unique way that will grab the attention of every pedestrian
  3. It gives you an opportunity to target specific audience (NASCAR lovers, NCAA Football fans etc.)
  4. It helps you share your voice or spread a concept that will buzz around for quite a long time.
  5. It creates a social media buzz.

Not just professionally, sky banners Chicago can also work to your personal intentions. Whether you want to ask your long-time girlfriend the question that every girl awaits, or you want to surprise your grandfather with a big gesture, sky banners can be a unique way to turn the things around in a positive way.

Sky Advertising gives you the option to fly your company’s banner all around Chicago or the United States using helicopters or airplanes. We incorporate creativity and adventure to bring together an advertising strategy that will prove to be a winner, eliminating all boundaries. At Sky Advertising, we believe that the world is your oyster. Visit our website,