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Offering personal and commercial banner towing messages, Sky Advertising Directory, based in the United States is renowned internationally for single and multi-market Ariel Advertising. Our exclusive services include campaigns for skywriting, Banner towing messages through helicopter or airplane, and most prominently, aerial banner towing equipment and billboards. We are proud to state that we have been offering one window operational system to host exclusive advertising campaigns for our honorable client nationwide since 1989. Currently, we hold numerous campaigns from over 50 clients, nationally and internationally, for aircraft flying banners. You can easily find our clientele details on our website under Aerial Advertising Campaigns tab.

Our Services – Our Pride

From fabrication to placement, we provide complete services for flying airplane banners up to 5,000 square feet. When it comes to helicopter banner, we provide an impressive 15,000 square feet of fabrication. The list of cities where we offer our services and the event details that we are proud to have covered in our professional experience, both nationally and internationally can be found on the website.

Our Aerial banner towing equipment and Aerial hoarding manufacturing setup is located in California, Florida, and Merida Mexico. Our competent teams have strong experience of personal and commercial aerial banner as we have flown over 12,500 campaigns in every main city of USA. Our success rate is over 99.4% since 1992. also offers and exclusive No Fly – No Pay rule when the weather is not feasible to carry out your campaign. We are strictly against any Hidden Charges! Our specialty is the 7 feet tall Aerial banner system for maximized visibility. offer GPS tracking on all commercial flights on request.

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